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Avenger3 and Wheelbarrow
- May 23, 2018 -

I have just watched Avenger3, various fight scenes and mind-blowing high technology shock me deeply. After watching, when I breath is back to be smooth, my mind is blowing also as I think about if high technology in the movie could be used in communication with customers on our wheelbarrow products?

As wheelbarrow is non-standard and assembly product, both customers and us need to spend much time on talking about the details of each part, such as when customer wants one galvanized basin wheelbarrow or plastic basin wheelbarrow, we have to talk about the basin capacity, sizes, thickness, wheels grade, painting color, way of assembly, durability, price, container loading, etc. If we could use 3D Holographic Imaging Technology in the movie in the process of contact with customers, what about the experience we can get?

We can imagine that customer just waves hand to choose which part of wheelbarrow they want like Tony Stark, and also waves hand to remove, choose new parts, put into any ideas, one complete wheelbarrow can be finished in a second.

The whole process would be so exciting just think about it, but the question is what about the wheelbarrow prices should be if got in the way?