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Danish Tentor Post
- Jun 29, 2018 -

Danish tentor post is made of middle carbon steel Q235, it is stronger than common carbon steel Q195. The most popular sizes of Danish tentor post is 8mm x 1100mm, 8mm x 1450mm, 10mm x 1100mm, 10mm x 1450mm and 10mm x 1800mm.

Danish tentor post is one of the electrical fence post. In the whole electrical fence system, Danish tentor post is used to sustain fence, and electrical wires go through the holes of insulator.

Danish tentor post is quite popular in Denmark, Finland and other Scandinavia areas. It is different to other electrical fence post, such as the ones in UK, Ireland, Germany, etc.

The surface of Danish tentor post can be galv, powder coated in green, grey and other color as per customers’ requirement. And packing can be by bundle, carton, pallet,etc.