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High Tensile Galvanized Plain Line Wire
- Sep 03, 2018 -

High tensile galvanized plain line wire is made of No.45 or No.55 carbon steel. The most popular wire sizes are 2.50mm, 3.15mm, 4.00mm, etc. Zinc coating on wire surface can be above 240g/m2 and up to 300g/m2, tensile strength is from 1050mpa/mm2 to 1250mpa/mm2, some can be up to 1750mpa/mm2 to produce spring wire.

High tensile galvanized plain line wire is widely used in construction, building, farming and other fields. The weight of each finished coil can be 25kg, 50kg and any other weight as per customers’ requirement.

We are regularly supplying these tie wires to UK, Ireland, Denmark, Germany and other European markets. All wires are packed by plastic sleeve inside, heavy plastic and hessian outside to protect each coil in triple ways.