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Multi-purpose Aluminum Ladder with Platform
- Jun 22, 2018 -

Multi-purpose aluminum ladder is made of aluminum alloy, platform is made of steel. It has 4 x 3steps, 4 x 4steps, 4 x 5steps and 4 x 6steps. Straight height can be 3.58m, 4.70m, 5.82m and 6.94m. Steel platform can be painted to white, red and any other color as per customers’ requirement.

All of our multi-purpose aluminum ladders are approved with EN 131. As it can be folded to any degree and flexible,  it is widely used in building, construction, house decorating, home yard and other working fields.

Each multi-purpose aluminum ladder is packed with shrink plastic, steel platform is packed together. And then put into carton. All packing can be tailored as per customer’s idea to print logo and any other information.