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The Change of Euro Wire Mesh Fence in Global Market
- Aug 10, 2018 -

Euro Wire Mesh Fence in global market is more and more competitive. With cost increasing of raw material and labor force, euro wire mesh fence from China is not as obviously competitive as before. In order to survive in the market, all Chinese euro wire mesh fence suppliers need to be concerned several points as below.

-          Improve all producing lines of euro wire mesh fence to reach stricter environmental policy.

-          Put eyes closely on wire rod, zinc and coating powder. These three elements are the most important composition of euro wire mesh fence. Suppliers need to think about that stock more raw materials when prices are in low position.

-          Strengthen the communication with customers, report material prices to customers regularly, assist customers to arrange purchasing plan of euro wire mesh fence at most competitive position of prices.

-          Produce more stock for main euro wire mesh fence customers and reduce the period of delivery time.

All Chinese suppliers need to think about how to strengthen our own core competitiveness of euro wire mesh fence, keep on guaranteeing the stability of quality, competitive prices and faster delivery. One more important point is upgrading our service after-sales and strengthen the communication with customers

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